Who? What?

We are a safe place and a shelter. A family. A church.
It's who we are.

Whether you're a skeptic or just curious, you are welcome at Refuge.
It is a safe place to explore your doubts.

Come and see, says Jesus!

For believers, it is a community of belonging—
a context of worship and a table to gather around.
It is a shelter in which your faith can flourish as we study the Word;
and be equipped to go out and proclaim the good news of Jesus.


Glasgow might be notorious for its incessant rain—
but it’s not that we seek shelter from!

The world can seem a turbulent place, all around chaos can appear to reign. 
Our own lives can very often be caught up in brokenness and turmoil—
but it’s not just that we seek shelter from.

It is Jesus who went before us into the ultimate storm so that we don’t have to.
It is Jesus who gave up His Spirit for us on the cross and faced the storm of death.
It is Jesus who endured the storms of divine wrath in our place.
It is Jesus who rose from the grave so that we can share in the resurrection life.
It is Jesus who is our shelter from the storm.

Come in, He says,
He’ll give you shelter from the storm!

Jesus is our Refuge.