Popcorn & Film


At Refuge, we place a lot of value on living life together. We enjoy spending time with one another and look for opportunities to bring our family together. We eat together, host one another in our homes, walk alongside one another in prayer and fellowship. To this end, we hosted a Girls Night on Friday, 9 November. Women from Refuge gathered at Alise’s for a Film Night. Pyjamas were worn. Junk food was consumed in mass quantities. And there was a lot of laughter. Lindsay brought her projector and Jonathan kindly set up our cinema room before his home was descended on by 18 women. We watched The Greatest Showman and just enjoyed spending time with one another.

As we sat and caught up with one another after the film, we were reminded what a special thing we have at Refuge. We had women there that night in all different age ranges, stages of life and backgrounds. We are such a varied and mixed group of women, but we all have one thing in common—our adoption into God’s family, making us sisters. Nights like this strengthen our bond and unity and make our times of worship together on Sundays even sweeter. We have been called to be family, and sitting around in our pj’s enjoying a fun musical, downing copious amounts of popcorn and sugar—that’s just who we are. Thank you Jesus for your Church!