He gives us stories /// advent series

Tell out, my soul, the greatness of His name! 
Make known His might, the deeds His arm has done...
— Timothy Dudley-Smith (Based on the Magnificat)

Advent series

He gives us stories ///

Starting on the 1st of December, and throughout Advent, Refuge will be posting a selection of stories of God’s work in our lives. Each morning of Advent, we will be sharing these stories for the encouragement and upbuilding of the Church—and to testify to His greatness.

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A God who gives us stories

“Stories are among the primary means God uses to reveal his truth to us in Scripture.”

Richard L. Pratt, Jr. “He Gave Us Stories”

The God of the Bible gave us the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah and the Ark, Daniel and the Lions, Jonah and the whale. He gave us the incredible story of Jesus and the stories that Jesus told. This is the same living God who is at work in our own lives. He is a God who answers prayers; who speaks to us through His Word; who leads and directs us. Who gives us stories. His story through our lives.

At Refuge, we are a family—a church family that shares in the laughter with those who are rejoicing and puts our arms around brothers and sisters who are struggling [Romans 12:15].

One of the things we love to do at Refuge is spend some time at the outset of our service of worship on a Sunday, sharing what God has been doing in our lives: the ways that He has been answering prayers; the ways He has been speaking to us; the directions He has been leading our lives; the ways He has been conforming us to more of His likeness. It is exactly these kinds of stories that we will be sharing in this series.

During Advent, we anticipate celebrating the birth of Jesus, and this is the greatest story of all—God became flesh, lived, died on the cross, was resurrected and ascended. The Author of all life wrote Himself into His-story in order to rescue us from what would otherwise have been inevitable—our own deserved tragic ending. But through His grace, we have a future and a hope. He gives us a story with a genuine happily ever after to look forward to.

“Our stories are a means of grace to us and those around us… At the very deepest bedrock of our lives lies a story about redemption … about a God who writes us into His story because that’s who He is and what He does.”

Andrew Peterson “He Gave Us Stories”