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praying for health

People have prayed with me for my health a lot this year because of symptoms related to my muscles, not being able to think straight, chest pain and palpitations. We've asked God to heal me, that He'd show the doctors what is wrong and that He would show me if there was anything I could change.

In the past, I've had different experiences of prayer for healing. Eight years ago, God healed me completely and suddenly from a condition that meant I was almost housebound and completely unable to work. I've also had experience of immediate healing from various less serious things. And I've had other experiences when a lot of people have prayed with me and my health hasn't changed, or didn't change at the time.

answers in improvement

This year, there were many experiences of nothing changing. However, over the last two months I've felt dramatically better. I still have some symptoms, but much less so than before. I've only had a few hours in these past two months when I couldn't think straight—whereas before this was an occurrence every two weeks or so. I am so so grateful to God that whatever this is, it’s not interfering with work and life anymore.

This time it is hard to tell if this is God's supernatural healing, a better season in the ups and downs of these symptoms, or whether unknown to me God has led me to make change something that has made a difference.

What I do know is that it is an answer to prayer. In particular, I remember someone on the prayer ministry team praying for my brain to work well—around the time things changed. Since the symptoms are sporadic, it took me a while to realise.

Looking back over the last 20 years, I can see that every big positive change in my life has happened when people have prayed with me. I don't understand why the big changes haven't come through praying alone, but maybe it is something to do with two or three being gathered in Jesus’ name…

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.
— Matthew 18:20

He gives us stories ///

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