Thank you for looking after Refuge Kids!

Refuge Kids.jpg

Last Sunday afternoon, a 'Thank You' lunch was laid on for all involved in Refuge Kids—the teachers, helpers and parents. Lindsay cooked up a fabulous meal which was enjoyed by all, and was followed by ample pudding thanks to the generosity of those who brought. 

Afterwards, we squeezed into the Fullerton's living room where Kirsty took us through a four item agenda:

  1. Peter thanked and encouraged all those who teach and help. He reminded them not to underestimate the impact they could have in the lives of the children who attend Refuge Kids. Following inspiration Dawn had received from a recent training event, Peter drew attention to 2 Timothy 3 where Paul reminded Timothy that the Scriptures, which he had known since 'infancy', were able to make him, 'wise for salvation'. 

  2. Dawn then provided some training and material to help those who teach and help each week. 

  3. Rachel updated everyone on our new Safeguarding Policy. 

  4. Kirsty then facilitated a discussion time to receive feedback from parents, teachers and helpers which proved to be a very constructive time. We closed in prayer asking God to bring glory to Himself and good to our children and parents through the Refuge Kids ministry.