He gives us stories /// hand in hand

Jesus immediately reached out his hand and took hold of him...
— Matthew 14:31

an open mind

When I first met my wife, I started going to church weekly. I was open minded, but initially I was purely attending to accompany and support her in this priority. After we moved to Newlands in July 2017, we started attending Refuge church every Sunday morning. I found it easier to relate and interact with people of a similar age, mindset and stage in life.

As the weeks and months went by my knowledge and interest in this whole Christianity thing that my wife had been banging on about increased. We began praying at home together, and at this time my wife was going though her own struggles. It was time to step up and I even prayed OUT LOUD—crazy I know...!

my prayers are heard

Jokes aside, it was during one of these prayers when I asked for a sign from God to confirm my prayers were being heard. Moments later while Marianne was praying, I felt like what can only be described as My Sign—while sitting with my hands clasped, the room began to expand, and my left hand felt much bigger than my right—it was as if I were a child holding onto my Father’s hand.

This was a well-timed sign of encouragement—this was the sort of sign I’d asked and hoped for. Since then I have continued to be encouraged and I’m excited to see what the future holds.


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