#iamRefuge: Paul

love that could not be ignored

I grew up a Catholic. I went through all of the motions of Catholic schooling. Whilst I believed in God, I didn’t really understand Jesus’ role in my life and none of it was especially 'real' to me. Inevitably, around my mid-teens, I walked away knowing that church was really just a tick-box exercise that didn't gel with my lifestyle or priorities.

Several years later, I was working with a Christian guy called Michael—he was never pushy about his faith, but always happy to discuss it. He invited my then-girlfriend (now wife) Sam and me to his wedding at RE:HOPE. At the reception I got chatting to the Pastor, who invited me to come along to church the following day. Despite myself I enjoyed it and kept going back. Over time I was amazed at how relevant the Bible was to my life. I began to understand who Jesus was, what He had accomplished for me on the cross, and why I needed Him. Slowly, I accepted one truth after another and came to a conclusion I could not ignore: I am hopelessly sinful, but UTTERLY loved by God.

He is faithful in helping me live the best life I can—in relationship with Him.

how did you come to be part of Refuge?

While Sam and I were attending RE:HOPE we heard about a new church plant with the same Bible-believing views. We felt called to get involved and haven’t looked back.

What are some of the things you think are really great about Refuge?

Refuge is an amazing group of mismatched people who wouldn’t be together apart from a common love for Jesus.

How are you involved in life at Refuge?

Sam and I help out with the worship music at church, and lead one of Refuge's community groups.

what about Refuge encourages your faith?

For all of the different backgrounds and places we come from—and our fair share of tragedy—Refuge is a thriving family who genuinely care for and love one another.


I get to use music to lead our church in praising the amazing God we serve.

If you could tell anyone Just one thing about Refuge?

Come along! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.