Swapping Clothes


An evening of sartorial delight and exchange was enjoyed by the ladies of Refuge a short while ago—with a jaw-dropping quantity of apparel up for grabs. Entire new wardrobes beckoned as the variety of garments and accessories included something for every season and for every occasion.

Hostess for the evening, Sam reports below...

Clothes Swap.jpg


So last month the ladies of Refuge met up for an unusual social...ladies clothes swap night! It was a great opportunity to hang out, have a laugh and get some new clothes without spending any money (most women’s dream!).

For the couple of weeks before, clothes were accumulated—unwanted clothes, clothes that no longer fit or just clothes of those wanting a freshen up of their wardrobe. We amassed a MOUNTAIN of clothes, shoes, accessories to the joy of those attending and had a great night perusing & trying on clothes. I think every person attending left with something (or in some cases a bundle) of new clothes for their wardrobes. 

We then used the opportunity to just hang out for the remainder of the time, eating copious amounts of apple pie and crisps/dips in the process. We had an awful lot of clothes left over and Fiona kindly bundled them all back into her car to donate to a local charity shop. I’m sure all those attending will agree it’s something we will definitely be doing again!


Note: writing this while wearing a full new outfit donated by another Refugee, so already being put to good use :)

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