Hungary for the Gospel


Stevie spent part of the summer serving at a camp that his dad and brother had started 9 years ago. He shares something of this amazing outreach below. Please pray for the family of believers out there, and feel free to reach out to Stevie if you have any questions...

In 2009 my dad and brother had the vision of setting up an English speaking camp in the remote village of Bódvaszilas in Hungary after having been to a small prayer meeting where they had the opportunity to pray for a group of Christians over there. They began a simple English camp using the gospel as a basis for stories and conversations and invited 20 or so campers aged 5–20 to come along.


In 2018 the camp was successfully able to run for the ninth time with over 120 campers and bursting at the seams. A handful of campers from the very first camp for the first time became leaders this year and were able to work alongside our yearly Scottish team—what a blessing to see God transform and shape their lives over the years! 

The village where the camp is held has a large Hungarian population as well as a small gypsy community, all of whom come together for this week and take time to hear about God, understand the way in to Jesus, and have the opportunity to continue their Christian walk through discipleship and friendship evangelism.

I am so thankful to have been a part of this growing ministry and next year we celebrate 10 years. The desire to know God is huge over there and we will keep going until we are led to believe otherwise.