Touched by the Presence of God



This summer a good number of folk from Refuge were involved in a variety of camps. Here, Kelvin relates his experience as a camper at a mountain biking and adventure camp, run by Scripture Union.

This summer I was looking forward to going on an SU camp called AV6.  It was based at one of SU's centres, Alltnacriche, near Aviemore. I knew it would be packed full with activities, fun and friendship. All planned to perfection. There was 14 young people where six of us were doing mountain biking throughout the week. I looked forward to experiencing so much with these other wild adventurers and how to survive camping out in the midgie infested nights  of the Scottish Highlands. What an adventure that was! The mountain biking crew were a great bunch of guys, both campers and leaders. As the week went on we became closer and closer as a group. We encouraged each other whether it was to keep on going during a tough climb or share more about what our faith meant to us in our  discussion groups. When we were out on the trails the cycle routes varied in difficulty, some of them were nothing like I've ever experienced before. We would be instructed and trained through techniques required for certain sections of a trail so we would know what to do if we came across something similar in the future. This gave us the confidence to enjoy ourselves more and more and we certainly did that!  

In the evening, the whole of AV6 camp group would come together for a time of worship and learning... my favourite part! As the week progressed everyone entered into this more and more. How do I know? It was great to listen and join in with the heartfelt rich singing of a group who were touched by the presence of God. A powerful experience that is hard to be captured in words. I was privileged to have the opportunity to be a part of the worship band and at the end of the week actually led one of the worship times. I could see the difference in people's lives throughout the week. Fellow campers were supportive and kind, there was a real commitment to God and each other. In these times we learned more about the Bible and explored further through discussing the Book of Joshua. I found this really insightful and learned more about the book than I have before. The importance of leadership to trust in God when others don't such as Caleb and the impact of how the selfishness of one individual such as Achan can have an impact of the rest of God's people. While camp had its times to be serious it was balanced by laughter that  came from really funny times of banter and the typical in jokes that a camp week develops. A key part to the success of the week came through the leaders who showed by example that is was possible to have a laugh and not be serious all the time.

A great week of activities, in a great country, worshipping a great God.