Italian Testimony in Ireland


It was a great pleasure for Refuge to have one of our missionaries, Colin White, back with us over a few weeks this summer. There was the opportunity to hear from him at Refuge during one of the Sunday services, and we were also glad to host an evening where he could share his ministry more broadly. Of particular interest was the summer camp in Gorey, Ireland, that he was involved in with a team from Italy, and which he shares below.


I was serving in a kids camp in Gorey, Ireland where we were able to share Jesus with two different groups of children—one in the morning and another in the afternoon. We used games and acted out scenes to share about how the Lord came to seek and save the lost. Most of the material was drawn from the gospel of Luke. In the afternoon we worked with another local church and shared the gospel through a variety of games and activities and through the three themes of: Fear, trust and selflessness.

Most notable during the camp was the testimony of Giulia. She was part of the Italian team and her faith was really tested when her best friend was denied travel from Italy to Ireland due to her documentation. She then asked a really good question:

Why did God let this happen?

Throughout the week, as she processed this. she was able to arrive at the truth that God had a plan throughout it all. God’s plan was to teach her His greatness and how tiny she was in comparison! And in that light just how much God cares for her—a tiny creature in comparison with the Creator of the universe. And this magnificent Lord of the universe sent His own Son, Jesus, to die for us so that we might experience the love of God in our lives! To know just how much God cares for us—He died for us! There is no greater demonstration of love!

Overall, then, the missions trip to Ireland was a great encouragement as we saw The Lord work in the lives of young Irish children and in the lives of young Italians such as Giulia. Praise The Lord God Almighty for He is good!