Through Jesus’ death

Then on the third at break of dawn,
The Son of heaven rose again.
O trampled death where is your sting?
The angels roar for Christ the King
— Hillsong 'O Praise The Name (Anástasis)'

Good Friday

Easter weekend began with members of Refuge Church, Yoker Evangelical Church and Grace Baptist Church Govan gathering at Harper Memorial Baptist Church for a Good Friday service. We sang, prayed and looked at Matthew 27 together. We saw the physical suffering and the mocking Jesus endured. A greater suffering was upon him though—signified by the darkness covering the land—God’s wrath towards sinners was being poured out on Him. Jesus’ death resulted in the curtain of the Temple being torn in two from top to bottom—a work of God! Access to God was now achieved through Jesus’ death.

During the evening three verses of a new song, Jerusalem, were sung—taking us through events leading up to Jesus’ death on the cross. The song was to be sung again on the Sunday with the fourth verse included…that detailing Jesus’ rising from the dead!

Hot cross buns, tea and coffee and encouraging conversations were then enjoyed by all.

IamRefuge | Series 2

Throughout the run-up to Easter, we had been introducing a number of folk from Refuge through the second series of IamRefuge, which culminated on Easter morning when we published Anna’s extraordinary testimony of God’s redemptive work in her life, and in that of her late husband, Sam.

Stu— leading worship

Stu—leading worship

easter morning—two journeys from the tomb

At Refuge on Sunday we considered the resurrection from John’s gospel. Mary Magdalene made two journeys from the tomb to the disciples:

  1. The first was made in darkness with confusion and grief

  2. The second was made after her grief was gone and her heart was full

Between the two trips Mary had met One who had conquered death itself! John observed the empty tomb and the grave clothes and came to believe…believe that Jesus had risen from the dead…just as He said He would.

The children of Refuge were also looking at the Easter story with the help of some puppets and four stations…each station detailing an aspect of the Easter story. There was an appropriate quietness as sin and Jesus’ death were discussed and a dancing celebration as the resurrection was examined. Each child took away a book about the Easter story. 

We had a full house at Refuge and it was great to see friends who’d been away for a while. Our service ended in full voice by singing O Praise The Name (Anástasis)