Surrender in our Prayers

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On Saturday, 31 August, the women of Refuge met together for another Coffee Morning. These mornings are always full of laughter, encouragement and way too much cake. There is something really special about gathering a group of women—all at varying ages and life stages—together for a morning centred on God’s Word and fellowship with one another. The women of Refuge hold deep friendships with one another and it’s always lovely to come together as one big group.

This month we had the great privilege of welcoming Patricia from Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida as our speaker. Patricia taught through the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6. As she walked through the passage verse by verse, we were reminded what a great privilege it is to pray to God as our Father. He is not a distant God. He is near and wants to converse and commune with His people. We learned what it means to hallow, or set apart, God’s name as holy. We were reminded of the surrender that must follow the words “Your kingdom come, Your will be done”:

The primary goal of a daily quiet time is for me to search my heart to determine who is on the throne of my life.

Patricia Blount

Without surrender in our prayers, our relationship with God is merely academic.

From there we discussed prayer for our daily needs, forgiveness and protection. Our women really
connected with this talk and it gave us great food for thought as we broke into small groups to discuss what we had learned. We closed our time together with prayer for one another and of course, more cake!

Our next Coffee Morning will be Saturday 30th November and we will be delving more deeply into the topic of forgiveness. Rachel will be sharing more of her story and how forgiveness changed her life. Please plan to join us as we discuss how God’s extravagant forgiveness leads us to be a forgiving people. Hope to see you there!