women of refuge


There are plenty of opportunities for women to connect in our all-age family—to nurture and disciple one another, and to grow spiritually. Currently, one of the community groups is set apart for women: it meets on Friday mornings in Shawlands, and is an opportunity for sharing in one another's concerns and praying for each other; for studying the Bible together; and generally providing spiritual encouragement and fellowship.

Every quarter, women at Refuge are invited along to share in a coffee morning at one of the local homes. It’s always a much anticipated and lovely morning full of fun, cakes, coffee and teas, worship and prayer. One of the highlights is taking the time to hear from one of the women's testimonies on coming to know Jesus; and there is also teaching on various topics. These teachings have included:

  • walking through desert seasons

  • our identity as Christians

  • what to do with disappointment

  • how God sees us

  • labouring in love for others

  • being a godly woman

  • being a godly single woman

  • being a godly wife

  • sex

It is a time to socialise, to be encouraged by one another, and to grow together spiritually.


Upcoming teaching topics include: 

  • being a godly mother

  • how to grow in prayer